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2016 Annual Meeting of Xindeco Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

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The entrepreneurs from investment companies around China ,together with middle and senior leaders from Xindeco headquarter ,gathered on the afternoon of January 21 ,2016 attending 2016 Annual Meeting of Xindeco Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.. The meeting was hosted by Liu Zhengda, Executive Vice President with the total number of 150 attendees.

First of all , several leaders from Display Screen Package department, Shenzhen Haotian Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Lightning Business department Presented Business Plan of 2016 respectively . The Work Plan of 2016 was reported by the leaders from financial center and administrative center. In addition, the leaders from several leaders from Display Screen Package department and Lightning Business department signed declaration form of Operating and declaration form of Security respectively with Xu Huisheng ,  General Manager of our company.

Next, Xu Huisheng , General Manager, made a report about work review in 2015 and scheme in 2016 . In the year of 2015, Xindeco Co., Ltd. developed and operated sustainably with the operating policy of “Integration, Innovation, Breakthrough and Enhancement”. The company made himself bigger and stronger by the means of merger, refinancing expansion, brand development etc. in the past year. Furthermore, the company will formulate working plan better and further under the guidance of “Amalgamation, Innovation and Leaping” in the year of 2016 so that Optoelectronics plates will be developed better, faster and more reasonably.

At last but not least, Ouyang, the share leader delivered a passionate speech inspiring all staff to welcome more prosperous 2016.

All entrepreneurs around different places discussed and probed into various matters and difficulties during the process of operating the company, made several important decisions in the theory-discussing meeting at 1:30 p.m. . The colleagues enjoyed New Year Party started at 4:00P.m. . Like this way, fruitful and busy 2016 Annual Meeting drew a full stop.

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