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Acquiring certificate of OHSAS18001 & finishing three management system certification

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In order to enhance the overall competitive ability, establish and improve occupational health and safety management , guarantee the employee’s health and  security , Xindeco Optoelectronics started occupational health and safety management system standards implementation work officially , completed the identification and evaluation of 173 kinds of hazards source, consummated 96 documents and safety standards, formulated 11 integrated emergency plan , implemented safety inspection work on sites, carried out over 20 hidden rectification work, introduced 103 national security laws, regulations and standards and began internal audit and management review.

The company passed Stage 2 Audit of SGS’s occupational health and safety management system smoothly . The review team  highly affirmed the system eventually on review site according to the standard of OHSAS18001 from various aspects, such as list of laws and regulations, administrative standard, conformance evaluation, internal audit report, management review report, hazard identification, labor protection , occupational hazards and so on.

The company has passed  ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system successively since 2008. After acquiring the identification of OHSAS18001, strict, regulatory and orderly standardized management exists during the process from the purchasing and delivery. In future, the company will gradually realize the prospect –“Become a globally competitive LED product supplier”.


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