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A Glimpse of New Year Party in 2016

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Although it rained intermittently, all staff in Xindeco felt inner warmth. Along with the opening remarks delivered by beautiful and handsome hosts,  the New Year Party of Xindeco Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. in 2016 precluded officially.


      They face broke into a chrysanthemum-like smile gentleman dress to bring out the upright posture;! Girls Gone swing dress, shine like the sun was so bright smile, that beautiful, like a blooming morning glory, like a skirt! place, closely followed around the TV drama and a gentleman dress!


      Chinese poetry culture distant long letter of today's extremely rich kids say they directed the letter of carols, as Cinda people, our heart is happy;


      Walking slowly toward us is to show the creative costumes, wore at the moment is no longer the so-called newspapers, plastic bags and other seemingly minor things, but creative crystal box paper robot, wearing a plastic material beautiful fairy, playful skirt strapless newspapers and other personalized clothing at full energy saving as a constant reminder that we should always keep in mind the letter of saving human life.

      Outstanding Staff Award: Outstanding staff is the letter of the glory, and the letter is precisely because of this excellent staff Pipi's steady development.

      See who is undercover, when the leader said, "I will not use this" small series and we all Lehe, the leader accidentally exposed his net worth, working hard every day to see the parts in small series on leadership your 

      News Network every day, only big difference today, spokesman abandon consistently serious serious style, will amuse ratio in the end, all kinds of humorous piece attracted a full house laugh, laughter everywhere at this time.

      Networking Academy students not only learn to forge ahead, do not even eat mustard this live beats. As the host of the "one, two" mustard squatting, lucky always favored male students, who are the roots of troubles on the books, and now the two boys also really appreciate the opportunity to catch a handful of roots of troubles feet, small I think it should also feel Bang Bang da;

      When Xiao Bian listen carefully in the following three outstanding students to share network Institute, the heart touched, the power of knowledge is a big, people see improved performance, but also enrich the brain. Xiao Bian determined in 2016 is also going to register as a Networking Academy learn every day a good student, good employee performance excellent, and if you can get a gift certificate personally presented the leaders also honored the country.

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