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Foreign Customers Visit Xindeco in large numbers

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On November 3, four representatives on behalf of one large certain European listing corporation visited our company. They finally recognized cooperation with us and discussed the research project about their tailored outdoor lightning.

      On November 16, the leaders from Packaging department  received two delegates from American LED manufacturer. The purpose of this visit is to inspect the producing environment, equipment and qualification etc.. During the meeting, General Manager Wang introduced the basic indexes of LAMP and SMD, relative data about annual production. The customers required that we should organize materials to the headquarter for reviewing.

      On December 12, one Korean customer, which cooperated with us for many years, visited our company. Two aims for this visit: One is to inspect the company ,the other is to reach a cooperative intention. With the companion of many leaders in person, Korean consumer visited Lighting hall and packaging workshop consecutively and attended the cooperative intention meeting.

      Recently, a large number of overseas clients have paid visits to our company ,which is drawing highlight attention around the world and

being favored by foreign customers, and its international market is becoming broader and broader. 



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