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Xindeco optoelectrics institute of network to carry out the second offline promotional activities

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Network school from July 2015 to run up, has been in the past four months. During this period, the students through the network, learning to a lot of work related skills. To further the active learning atmosphere, strengthen communication between students, after the first offline activities in mid-september, on November 17 afternoon, our company held a second line to expand again, and held nine, review meeting in October.

The training game - "blind rope house" is a set in order to enhance staff cohesion, and cultivate team with good communication ability and design of the outdoor activities. Within the prescribed period of time, planning and deployment by the students, in harmony, in order to complete the task smoothly. The game fun, manifested the profound theory in plain way, the students in a relaxed and happy've learned in the workplace, effectively enhance the exchanges and cooperation between each other, form a positive team atmosphere, to improve the work efficiency, enhance communication and coordination between departments, etc.

After the expansion, trainer of the theme of the activities, lighting division general manager Liu Yaode September and early October for outstanding students prizes, and share with the students of his own ideas. Planning institute of the network this two months of operation are summarized, and emphasized the importance of the learning originality. Network college second offline activities, similar training will continue in the future.

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