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We carry out "cherish life, away from the fire fire control knowledge popularization" seminar

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After pass safety production standardization level standard, on October 29 in the afternoon, we also invited to the fire protection association jiang instructor for employees to "cherish life, away from fire" as the theme of the fire control knowledge popularize seminar. Headed by cheng-dar liou, executive vice President of the committee members and staff on behalf of about 40 people attended the meeting.

Jiang instructors use their experience and many years of experience, theory with practice, illustrates a large number of real cases, in actual life lesson profound and thought-provoking. Contents involved in the cause of the fire, how to prevent fire, how to improve the self-help measures of fire control facilities and fire escape, and teach people how to correctly use the fire extinguishers at the scene, bestow on the various fire safety knowledge.

Through the fire safety training, make our staff more understanding of fire control knowledge, to further strengthen the employees' safety awareness and to guide enterprises to carry out safety production operation provides a powerful guarantee. In the future, similar safety training will carry on in our company in full.

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