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"Song sweet fragrance of our motherland" concert

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Afternoon, October 1, xiamen cinda co., LTD. Xiamen city hand in hand federation and volunteer corps, xiamen, xiamen xinghai choir, in a roundabout way music square held a "song sweet flowers of our motherland" to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the founding of new China concert "warmth" xiamen square.

The concert lasts from half past three in the afternoon to five, volunteers in the form of singing, recitation, dancing, such as singing the beautiful motherland prosperous and strong.

Concert also join the interactive link, invite citizens and tourists came to power singing, and gave them sponsored by xiamen photoelectric technology co., LTD, exquisite gift, square turns into a big celebration, the concert live singing away.

"Song sweet flowers of our motherland" concert held successfully, not only for our country sent birthday wishes, and enrich the citizens and tourists holiday life, for the construction of beautiful xiamen added together.

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