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Congratulations to our company to be included in the Amoy area based enterprises

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On October 8, 9 a.m., before the Amoy area lotus street party working jian-min xu in financial secretary xu Lin, director of the neighborhood and director of accompanied by, come to our company. Company leaders cheng-dar liou, executive vice President and chief financial officer xiao-dong luo did report respectively.

Symposium, the two sides will encapsulate the present market situation, our tax situation, backbone in xiamen and lotus street will give our reward support before a friendly conversation. Xu Shuji special congratulations to our company in line with the Amoy area also encourage headquarters economic development way and through the application, the condition of enterprise was identified as headquarters, will receive certain preferential policies. From another side, this reflects the comprehensive strength of the division I received the recognition from the superior departments.

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