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Xindeco optoelectronics network institute offline development activities

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Step by step in order to improve the comprehensive quality of employees, make management personnel reserve, active network learning environment of the college, our company on September 15, 2015 in the afternoon, carry out the network school of offline promotional activities for the first time, a conclusion and future planning meeting held in August.

Training - the "south-north" model team vitality, promote tissue growth, cooperate with construction of modern team needs and design a set of outdoor activities. Through the development of the activity, the students can quickly into the team, to strengthen the communication between employees, make online training content more rich, harvest the good learning effect.

After the expansion, all students back to the conference room, trainers and expound the theme of the activities, deputy managing director cheng-dar liou outstanding awards for the August learning, planning department also made a summary, the institute of network operation in August and planning in the future was put forward.

Online college for the first time end of offline activities.





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