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The xinjiang production and construction corps xu, deputy political commissar line to Xindeco optoelectronics guidance

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On September 8, 2015, the mansion will not (that is, the prompt cifit) during the period of the xinjiang construction corps deputy political commissar xu to visit our company. Itc holdings chairman He Fulong, itc holdings whitewater, cinda co chairman, general manager of Xu Huisheng Du Shaohua, cinda photoelectric general manager and deputy managing director accompanied cheng-dar liou et al.

Xu, deputy political commissar line visited our company LED lighting product exhibition hall, strengthening performance of LED indoor and outdoor products and advantages are introduced. Then, Jones a line to visit packaging workshop, Liu Fuzong our dustless workshop production process are introduced. The expedition, Jones a line of LED energy-saving products carried on the thorough understanding to our company, for our company to further expand the market business laid a certain foundation.



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