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Xindeco optoelectronics appearance 2015 guangzhou international lighting fair (light and exhibition) brand pavilion

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Xiamen Xindeco optoelectronics co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "cinda photoelectric") in the 2015 guangzhou international lighting fair pavilion area A brand on display.

The guangzhou international lighting fair (20th) has brought together 2996 exhibitors in 28 countries and regions, the exhibition area of 245000 square meters. As the world's biggest lighting fair and LED show, intelligent lighting is the hot topic of the exhibition. The light and the exhibition cinda photoelectric highlight the booth decoration of simple design style, display to a normal way, USES the experience type display, from the three business sectors of cinda photoelectric highlight. One is RGB, packaging products for product display diode, a total is divided into four display, two of them are indoor display brightness and high-definition, two other outdoor display outstanding outdoor products waterproof moisture-proof performance; Second, more and more concentration of indoor lighting section, forming panel lights ?

Scheme of supporting and services based on business according to the intelligent control, the difference between intelligence lives in detailed, business as more focus on reliability maneuverability, more powerful intelligent cinda photoelectric deeper research, at the same time using the infrared and radar sensor in order to enhance intelligent energy-saving effect.

This exhibition we received more than 700 booths, new and old customers visit our company special technical personnel for the requirements of customer solutions, and provide solution for customer. Our company all staff proactive, for the arrival of new and old customers with the most considerate and professional service. Through this exhibition "cinda lighting" brand visibility and reputation of further ascension, more fully shows the cinda photoelectric technology co., LTD, a professional image in the LED lighting industry!

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